Getting Started

The REXview is the new companion app for the REX platform. It is the successor of the former REX Go app. The main purpose of REXview is to consume location-based information in the real world. This can either be done by selecting your project/data, or by just scanning a so-called REXtag (visual marker). You can operate REXview for free, and you do not require an account. However, if you would like to get more features, you can simply register for a free REX account.

Scan your own REXtag

After you have successfully uploaded your geometry for your project, you can use the REXview app for putting the data into the real world. Open up the web browser and click on the REXtag symbol.


Once the app is installed, a quick tutorial should help to learn the basic features. Here is a sample REXtag, which can directly be scanned with your smartphone or tablet.