Other Software

REX also offer a generic data import from any CAD software tools and support the following file formats:

Data Requirements

REX has the following requirements in order to be accepted by our platform:


  • REX currently only supports (textured) triangle meshes, no line sets, polygons, or splines are supported.
  • The geometry should be modeled around the coordinate origin (0/0/0).
  • The geometry has to be in unit meters.


  • Texture files should be referenced with relative paths.
  • Texture files must be added separately to the geometry information (only JPG and PNG textures are supported).
  • Texture files should not contain any Umlauts or spaces.

File Content

  • All faces/polygons have to be triangulated.
  • The model should not contain any co-planar triangles (may cause flickering artifacts).
  • For best performance, the triangle count should not exceed 100.000 (100k) triangles.
  • The model should not contain any flying object in space.
  • The model should be oriented properly so that the Z axis is towards the sky.