REX Holographic

After the REX Holographic app has been installed properly, the HoloLens needs to be registered with the REX portal.

Register the HoloLens

  • Open the web browser and navigate to our REX portal
  • Log in with your REX username and password
  • Navigate to the devices page via the sub menu of the user icon located at the top right corner


The HoloLens can easily be registered by pressing the Add button. Please make sure that the REX Holographic is started on the HoloLens. AirTap the “Join Session” button in the App’s main menu. The REX Holographic is waiting for a registration QR code. Head your HoloLens towards the QR code which is shown on the screen.


A audio confirmation sound indicates that the code was scanned correctly. The browser should now change the QR code popup and offers a field where you can write down a name for your HoloLens. Click submit when you are done.

Your registered HoloLens should now appear as a new registered device. Congratulation, your HoloLens is now REX-enabled.

First Holo Visualization

The HoloLens is now waiting for another QR code which is used to join the holographic session. In your browser select a model of choice and press the HoloLens button right below the model’s tag line to add the model to the current holographic session.

Then click the “HoloControl” button on the top right of the page, the holo control screen is opened and the holographic session code is shown. Head your HoloLens towards the code and wait for the audio confirmation signal.


You are now joined the holographic session. Next, you need to define the origin of the coordinate system by specifying three inputs:

  • Select the floor (head towards the floor, move your head and wait till a grid is shown)
  • Select a position (wait till the registration icon is shown)
  • Select a direction (wait till the direction line is shown)

Every step needs to be confirmed by an air tap.


After confirming the direction, the hologram should appear in front of you. Congratulation, you now have your first hologram loaded in REX Holographic!

Holo Control

After your HoloLens has joined the holographic session, you have two different modes for visualizing your hologram:

  • Explore model: take a look from outside and explore the hologram in model scale
  • Explore human: get your model in 1:1 scale and explore the hologram from inside

In every mode you can use the web browser as a joystick. We offer the main navigation operations including scaling for the explore model mode.


The controls are self-explanatory and can be used with simple dragging operations.

In case of explore human, you are also able to auto-navigate to pre-defined points-of-interest (POIs).

Device portal settings

By selecting a point-of-interest, the app automatically beams you to this location.

The holographic session can be left by closing the REX Holographic app on your HoloLens.