The REX Go is the companion app for the REX platform. The main purpose is to carry your REX models in your pocket. With your REX account you are able to access the models indoor and outdoor, make screenshots, and share your models with your friends and family.


  • Models: shows two demo models, and your personal models if you are logged in.
  • Photos: shows a collection of your screenshots taken with REX Go. You can share your screenshots with your friends and family easily from within REX Go.
  • REX Code: provides a QR code scanner which can be used to scan so-called REX codes (see next section).
  • Settings: shows general settings and allows to login with your REX account.

REX Codes

REX codes are the easiest way to share and access 3D models with the REX Go App. They are special QR codes which can be easily recognized by the little orange Robotic Eyes Logo in the center as shown below.

rex code

REX codes can be generated by REX business customers for campaigns or public sharing. Keep your eyes open for new REX codes online but also on print media. Just use our REX Go app and select the REX Code button:

rex code app